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About Us...


We opened Canine Kennels of Clarence with our love of dogs in mind.  We are a family owned business backed by a small, yet highly attentive and experienced staff, they’ve created a facility that puts your pets and your own comfort as priority. 


Jim & Maria


Jim and Maria are owned by their two dogs Dexter and Bailey. Jim and Maria love dogs and that's the reason they opened the Kennel. One of them can usually be found at the kennel on a daily basis.



Kennel Manager

Rachel is owned by her Sheltie Caine . Rachel loves working with dogs and is also   Jim and Maria's daughter . She pretty much handles most of the day to day processes.  She is  usually the familiar face to greet you during the week. 



Assistant Kennel Manager



Senior Kennel/Daycare Attendant



Kennel/Daycare Attendant 

Meghan is owned by her Boston Terrier Harley. She has been working with dogs for 12 years and plays an active role in local dog rescue. She is usually found out in daycare or taking care of our boarders.

Rob is owned by his chihuahua Timken. He enjoys being at home with his dogs or at work with his furry friends. He is usually found in daycare or doing playgroups. 

Pam is owned by her Golden Retriever Willie. She is an avid runner and often runs marathons. She she is often found out in daycare. Pam loves her doggy friends and also offers professional jogging to our clients dogs.


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