Dog Boarding


We offer three options for boarding: Basic, Camera Enabled, and our Suites. Our suite kennels are 8’x8’ with access to a private outdoor 8’x8’ kennel run  and our camera enabled  and basic kennels are 4'x8' with additional 4'x8' outdoor kennel run.  In addition the dogs have designated large outdoor areas for using the bathroom, stretching their legs or play time.




4' x 8'

Standard Kennels are 4' x 8' inside and outside




8' x 8'

Camera Access

Flat Screen TV




4' x 8'

Camera Access



  • All of our boarding guests receive the same care regardless of the kennel package:

  • Group playtime sessions:   We will assess each dog to determine if they are a candidate for group play. Dogs who pass our temperament assessment will be integrated into Daycare or play groups on weekends. We try to integrate them as much as possible and the amount will  vary depending on how many dogs or staff members we have per day.

  • Huge outdoor play area with sprinklers and kiddie pools in the summer.

  • Outdoor playtime.

  • Indoor playtime in the event of bad weather

  • Heated floors throughout the facility.

  • Music throughout the facility.

  • Lots of love and attention. 


It’s important to maintain your pup’s normal routine…

Keeping your dog on the same schedule with the same food, familiar bedding, treats, and toys will help reduce stress dramatically, and make him or her feel more at home.


Bedding: We allow bedding from home, please limit bedding to small blankets or beds. Dogs who soil their bed often or need extra washes will be charged per extra wash. 

Toys: if you bring toys please limit it to hard plastic, rubber or bones. We DO NOT put stuffed toys or raw-hide in the kennels with our guests. We also are not responsible for lost or destroyed toys.


Food: Please bring your dog’s food from home. If they have specific treats bring those also. We try to avoid giving dogs food or treats they are not used to. We do not give raw hide treats to our guests during their stay. We believe it holds too much potential as a choking hazard.

Medications: If your dog is on any medications please let us know at booking. Administering medication can be subject to an extra charge depending on the frequency.

Extra Services:

  • a half day charge will be added for those who drop off in the morning but pick up in the evening

  • 3% up charge on credit card transactions



Leisurely walk around the property by one of our staff



Professional 20 min jog around our property. Great for high energy dogs.



Extra play time whether petting or playing ball.