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Doggy Daycare is great for those who work long hours, have an energetic dog, or have a dog who likes to make friends. Daycare is always monitored by staff. A staff member or multiple staff members are always in the yard or daycare room with the dogs. Dogs who come to daycare must be good with dogs of all sizes and genders. We assess all dogs to determine if they are a good fit for daycare.


  • Group playtime sessions with dogs of similar size and temperament.

  • Three large outdoor play areas 

  • Outdoor playtime with a mid-day lunch break.

  • Indoor playtime in the event of bad weather.

  • Heated floors throughout the facility in winter and AC in the summer. 

  • Experienced staff to ensure the happiness and well being of your dog.


       Full Day: $33       

         Half Day: $25  

tax included

  • 3% up charge on credit card transactions

Pictures from Daycare

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