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General Info, Policies and Disclaimers

Canine Kennels of Clarence strives to provide a safe, comfortable and clean environment. We want your pets to feel safe and you to feel comfortable leaving them. We cater to all breeds and ages of pets . In doing so we do have a few rules, disclaimers and policies we adhere to.


Dogs who show aggression towards staff or other animals in any capacity will be put out individually. The safety of other guests and our staff is of utmost importance. We understand boarding is not home and we do allow dogs who are stressed to relax before testing them with other dogs.


All pets must be current on all required vaccines before coming to daycare or boarding.


Puppies are welcome after their first Kennel Cough and their first two Parvo/Distemper shots. Usually 8-10 weeks of age. For Daycare we prefer they be at least 12-16 weeks of age when they start. We do not take dogs or kittens younger than 8 weeks.


Boarding can be stressful for some pets even when we try our best to make it comfortable for them. Stress can cause pets not to eat , have accidents, or upset the digestive system. In these cases we usually call to see if you'd like us to give them a bit of canned food or pumpkin to aid with any stress related issues.

Dogs who regularly attend daycare or play in group during boarding can easily get small scrapes or cuts during play or on the concrete. This is fairly common and a lot of our younger dogs play more intensely  than some of our smaller or older dogs. 

If there was an ever an issue of aggression from your dog or towards your dog we would notify you right away. Same goes for any significant injury or illness.

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