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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a kennel the right choice for my pet?

While it’s not home, Canine kennels of Clarence strives to ensure the happiness and safety of each pet. You can rest knowing a caring and experienced staff is taking care of your pet.

Do I need to make a reservation in advance for Boarding, Day Care, Grooming, or Training?

Yes, just like a hotel or a salon, we need to be notified in advance in order to accommodate our guests.


Why was I charged an extra half day?

If you drop your dog off in the morning for boarding but pick up in the evening we charge a half day charge. We do this because we provide play time and staffing through out the day for our guests.

How are new animals introduced?

Given your dog is said to be ok with others or you don’t know we start slow and introduce them to one or two of our regular dogs . As long as they don’t show aggression or are overly fearful we will integrate them into a group.

Are small dogs put with big dogs?

All Dogs are assessed with a larger and smaller dog. Aggression of any kind is not allowed and won’t be out in group. We do split into separate groups but majority of our dogs are good being with others of different size.

Can I see where my dog (or cat) will be staying and playing?

Absolutely, in fact we insist that all pet-owners tour the facility and examine the kennels or cat condos prior to their pet’s stay.

What do the dogs do all day?

Dog Social Dogs usually get integrated into play groups or daycare. When the weather is bad or we can’t fit them into daycare they are rotated individually into our play yards.  Dogs who aren’t social with other dogs get rotated alone outside. A typical day consists of breakfast , going outside (with groups or alone) , a rest period from 12pm until 2pm, more outdoor time then dinner. After Dinner everyone is closed in and the lights are shut off. They do go outside one more time at 8:30 and then its bed time.

What if my pet gets hurt while staying at your facility?

Animal safety is a top priority. We closely monitor all animals throughout the day, especially during playtime. Though we try to keep play at a fun, friendly level, whenever animals play, injury is infrequent but inevitable. We believe that the benefits of attention, socialization, and exercise far outweigh the small likelihood of injury. In case of medical emergency, we have your pet’s veterinarian on file. We are also in contact with and close proximity to two emergency hospital locations: Greater Buffalo Emergency Vet and Green Acres.

What about illnesses ?

Canine Kennels of Clarence  takes precautionary steps – through mandatory vaccination requirements, sanitizing everything on a daily basis, and keeping your pet’s diet consistent – to reduce the risk of animals spreading disease.  As with injuries, if your pet becomes ill we will seek medical attention immediately.

-Kennel Cough: while we strive to maintain a clean facility, like a child's daycare it is impossible to eliminate all threats. Kennel Cough is highly contagious and often times is seen in facilities that hold multiple dogs. Even the cleanest places can get kennel cough. Even after being vaccinated, dogs may still acquire kennel cough (although usually a less severe form than they would have otherwise).  

What if my dog gets injured?

In the event of any major or significant injury we would call you right away . We would also take your dog to the vet if it was deemed necessary or requested. 

- Dogs in group play often get small scrapes or nicks either by running on our concrete or playing with other dogs. 

My pet has special needs. Will this cost extra?

We take care of many dogs and cats with special needs or medications. We have no charge for medication dispensing up to four doses. Animals who need care beyond a few doses or on a strict regimen please talk to us at booking about any special pricing. Our staff is trained in giving pills, eye drops, and insulin .

Can someone else drop off or pick my pet up for me?

Yes, however we must be notified ahead of time. Whoever picks up your pet will be required to provide proof of identification at pick-up.

Do you have any breed restrictions?

No we do not. We evaluate each dog as an individual while taking his or her temperament and history into consideration.

What if I forget to pick up my dog from Day Care?

If you forget to pick up your pet, we will phone you immediately. However, if we’re unable to reach you, we’ll provide your dog with a kennel to stay and meals for the night. 

How will Day Care affect my dog?

Daycare is an excellent way for dogs to socialize and burn energy. All dogs are temperament tested to ensure they are a good fit for a daycare environment. Most dogs go home happy and tired.

At what age can I bring my puppy in to try Day Care?

Puppies can board as young as 8 weeks as long as they have 2 DHPP vaccines and a kennel cough vaccines. For daycare we recommend 12 weeks of age to start. 

How can I be sure the facility is clean, comfortable, and safe?

We recommend taking a tour of the facility and asking questions . We strive to maintain a comfortable, safe and clean place for your pet to stay.

How secure are the play areas?

An 8-foot-tall PVC plastic fence that’s both durable and tall enough so that nothing can come in or out surrounds both of our play areas. Our play areas are concrete so your dog is unable to dig and crawl under the fence to escape, and likewise, no other animal can dig to crawl in. Moreover, as our fences are too tall for your dog to see beyond, they won’t be tempted to chase outsiders like rabbits.

Do you feed my pet during Daycare?

It depends on your pet’s dietary schedule. If you’d like us to feed your pet at our facility, we’re happy to do so. All we ask is that you bring in the food your pet is accustomed to in a labeled bag. We’ll also want to know your pet’s typical feeding schedule so that we may adhere to it.

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