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Cat Boarding


All feline guests are guaranteed their own personal space. No interaction is allowed between cats unless from the same family. The cat boarding area is heated and has air conditioning in the summer. 


Our cat boarding is a clean and dog-free environment with plenty of cozy, yet roomy cat condos that are as safe as they are relaxing. 



- Private quiet condos

- Lots of love

- Private play room

- Cat Tree and large windows

- Litter boxes and litter 



$30 per night per cat

Cats who require special care or handling will be subjected to an extra fee per night


More Info

The cat condos are situated at the front of our building away from dogs to provide a quiet 





It’s important to maintain your cat’s normal routine…

Keeping your cat on the same schedule with the same food, familiar bedding, treats, and toys will help reduce stress dramatically, and make your cat feel more at home.


Bedding: You are more than welcome to bring a small bed, blanket or towel from home to give to your cat during it's stay. 


Food: Please bring food, medications and treats from home.

  • 3% up charge on credit card transactions

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